Prelude Foaming Pre Wash


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Introducing Prelude, our citrus based, foaming pre wash. Designed to effortlessly lift dirt and road grime from your car before a contact wash.

Perfectly blended to be tough on dirt, but gentle on coatings and waxes. Prelude can be applied via pump sprayer, or via a foam lance for a longer dwell time.

Dilution Ratios:

As a Pre-Wash - Up to 1:250

with water

As a snow foam - 1:10 in a snow foam bottle with warm


Directions for use:

Dilute Prelude as above.

Apply directly to the vehicle's surface using a foaming lance or trigger sprayer.

Allow to duvell for a 3-5 minutes, do not allow to dry on the surface.

Rinse thoroughly with high-pressure wash.


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