Alloy rim protectors

Alloy Wheel Rim Protection seemed only logical to add to our service list because vehicle protection is our speciality, and that’s why we are a WHEELUV Certified Partner. WHEELUV Alloy Rim Protectors are one of the best options to protect your wheels from kerb damage and scuffs.

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How does it work?

WHEELUV are discreet alloy wheel rim covers, which are proven to protect your wheels from scuffs, dents and scratches.

WHEELUV protectors fit snugly over your alloy rim, curving perfectly to match the radius of the wheel. Injection moulded from impact modified polymers (the same ones used in train buffers), they’re able to withstand kerb impacts and protect your alloy underneath.

Why Do I Need alloy rim protection?

Protect Your Alloys

A good set of alloys can make you car, so use WHEELUV alloy protectors to keep your wheels intact. The impact-resistant modified polymer provides strong protection to keep your wheels in their best condition all the time.

Avoid Costly Repairs

Fighting with kerbs is an expensive business. Never mind the hassle of getting your wheels repaired or replaced. Proven to lessen the risk of damage, WHEELUV alloy protectors help you shrug off impacts.

Discreet By Design

The WHEELUV alloy protector is sturdy and discreet – designed to look like part of the original design. And because they will not affect the wheel balance, your car will drive like normal.


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