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Car Detailing service

Detailing is ideal for restoring depth and clarity to your cars paintwork. The service is designed to remove between 75% and 99% of surface defects bringing your car to “like new”.

Below is some more information as to what’s involved during the Detailing Process, if you have any specific questions, please feel free to get in touch.

We can offer a wide range of paint correction from a “single stage” to wet sanding, we’ve been trained by industry leaders Flex Tools who are one of the most innovative market leading brands in detailing.


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Whilst we are caring for your car, we will spend a full day washing, decontaminating and machine polishing. The average time spent per car is roughly 12 hours, some take longer, others are quicker depending on the paint type, condition and age.

Each car is different, so we can’t guarantee perfect paint, however, we are happy to show you an example of what to expect. We use a multiple machine polishers to get the best results possible for the one day turnaround of this service. This is to ensure as little downtime as possible.

Using products from leading manufacturers including SB3, Cartec, Menzerna and Scholl Concepts you can be sure that we are only using the best, tried and tested products.

What does this include?

Q7 After a Full Valet


The first step is to wash the car allowing us to see the condition of the paintwork.



Next up we decontaminate the paint to remove industrial fallout, brake dust and tar spots. This step is finished with a clay bar treatment



We then dry the car with towels and an air line to ensure all the water is removed from the entire car.



Using a combination of Rotary and Dual Action machine polishing techniques we restore the clarity of your paintwork.



To ensure the results are suitable, we use inspection lamps on each panel. 



Finally, we protect the paintwork, trims and tyres. This will protect them for weeks to come.

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Will a Car Detail remove stone chips?

No, as standard our goal is th erestore the finish of your paintowrk, this involves no painting. If you are looking for stone chip repair, this is something we are happy to offer, but we do need to see the car first to get an idea of how long this will take us and price accordingly.

I was told I need a "3 Stage Detail", is this right?

Usually, no. Most customers who bring their cars into us are more than happy with tht eresults of a single stage machine polish, this removes around 80% of defects from the paintwork which will bring the car back to its former glory.

A “3 stage detail” when completed correctly would take 3-5 days and costs in the thousands of pounds. This sanding your paintwork to remove >99% of defects and will give you a true concours finish, it’s not something that would be possible outside, or done mobile due to the possible risk of damage while sanding.

What if I am not happy with the results?

We currently have not had an unhappy customer, however, with Jordan’s background in customer service, we can guarantee that we will come to a suitable resolution should you be unhappy with any work we carry out.


Our Services range from maintenance valets to ceramic coatings, take a look at out services to find the best package to suit your needs.

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