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I started Veis Detailing in August 2018. After buying a second hand car that needed a lot of work, and not being able to find anybody able to do it.

I’ve has always had a pasion for cars, since a young age I’ve sat with my Dad watching the Formula 1, British Touring Cars and later on the World Rally Championship.

Having a long standing passion for cars and car care, I took to advancing my skills in detailing to more in depth level, bordering on obsession.


Custom Wax Blend

Since starting the company I have learned a lot more about the industry as well as chemistry and business. I’ve had training from some of the industry leaders including GTechniq, UK Detailing Academy, and the Professional Valeters and Detailers Association.

Becoming a member of the PVDA, as well as passing their Car Care Professional assessment in early 2020 was a no brainer. I’ve also joined the International Detailing Association and become a Certified Detailer by passing the 2 hour exam. The exams in both of these cases tested my knowledge of products, legalities of working, health and safety and paintwork.

I have also become an Approved Installer for SB3 Coatings where I had to go through a vetting process and exhibit my ability to prepare paintwork before applying the coating.


Our mission to develop our own product brand started in 2017 when working for a large company who were looking for new markets to get into.

Being into car car, I decided to suggest car care products under their own brand name. I was told to start researching it and give them an idea of costs involved, market research and a basic projection plan.

After months of research, I went back to the directors with a full plan on how it would work, they decided that they didn’t want to go ahead with the plan.

I left the company shortly after and set up Veis Detailing to offer premium car care in Stratford upon Avon and Warwickshire. I continued with the product development, and found a manufacturer who could help us develop our own brand.

Custom Wax Blend

The Chemist

During the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020 we closed our doors to the public as a safety measure for our customers, friends and family. Whilst we were closed, I decided to start looking into homebrew car waxes. I then spent the next 12 months researching, developing and testing different blends of wax until we found one that worked perfectly – and Lunar was born.

From this point I knew I had to follow up strong with our next product, so I spent more time researching and started working with a chemist in Cannock to develop a pure shampoo to compliment Lunar as well as ceramic coatings we’d applied, we took a few different attempts at this with help from the chemist and on March 16th 2021, we released Nebula.



We’re constantly taking our customers’ feedback onboard to try and improve the products, with constant improvements being made.



Our Services range from maintenance valets to ceramic coatings, take a look at out services to find the best package to suit your needs.

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