Q7 After a Full Valet

full car valet

There’s no question that the Full Car Valet is our most in depth valet, this service is designed to completely refresh your vehicle. It’s ideal for if you’re selling, just bought, or have just allowed the car get a little worse for wear.

With an in depth clean of the exterior and interior of your car, it’ll return to a fresh, clean and enjoyable place to be in. After all, we spend on average 600 hours per year in our cars.


FROM £150


Adopting a 6 step method to clean the exterior of your car thoroughly, we can ensure all surfaces of the vehicle are spotless when we’ve finished.

We then continue the valet with a 6 step method for cleaning the interior of your car.

Using the best products and equipment we ensure as much dirt is removed from the car as possible. We are sure you’ll be happy with the results.

We will make sure your interior is fresher tidy and cleaner for you and your family. 

Interior Vent Cleaning

What is included in the Full valet?

50 50 Leather Seat


The first step of the Full Valet is completing a safe wash of the exterior, adopting the 2 bucket method.



After we wash the car we undertake a 2 step chemical decontamination. This removes tar spots and build up iron fallout from the paintwork and wheels.



To finsh the exterior of the car we protect the paintwork, wheels, trims and tyres. This will help repel water and dirt for 4-6 weeks.


Dry Clean

To start the interior, we vacuum the seats, carpets and mats. Then dust the surfaces and wipe down th trims.


Wet vacuum

Once we’ve removed as much dirst as possible, we begin our wet extraction of the seats, carpet and floor mats. Finishing off he cleaning portion by cleaning all other surfaces.



We give the interior a vacuum and wipe down all the surfaces. This will remove almost all dirt and leave a clean, safe area for you and your family to enjoy.


Our Services range from maintenance valets to ceramic coatings, take a look at out services to find the best package to suit your needs.

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