Interior Vent Cleaning

Interior deep clean detail

The Car Interior Deep Clean Detail is designed to remove smells, spills, stains and mould from the every surface of your car’s interior. We use our highly efficient step-by-step strategy to ensure your car is safe, fresh and clean for you to enjoy.

From £100


Adopting a 6 step method to clean the interior of your car thoroughly, we can ensure all surfaces of the vehicle are spotless when we’ve finished.

Using the best products and equipment we ensure as much dirt is removed from the car as possible. We are sure you’ll be happy with the results.

We will make sure your interior is fresh, tidy and cleaner for you and your family.


Interior Vent Cleaning

What is included in the interior deep clean detail

50 50 Leather Seat

Dry vacuum

The first step of the Interior Deep Clean Detail is completing a thorough vacuum of the carpets, seats, mats and hard surfaces.


Surface Clean

After we vacuum the car we clean the surfaces using a mixture of interior cleaning products including an antibacterial cleaner.



Following the surface cleanse, the next step is the seats, if you have fabric seats, this will include a wet vacuum and extraction to remove surface dirt and smells from the sponge.


Wet Vacuum

The wet vacuuming stage includes all carpets, mats and inserts of the car, ensuring that each pat of the car is fresh.


ozone treatment

Using the latest in bacteria removal technology, we run our Ozone generator with the air conditioning on recirculate which will kill 99% of bacteria.



Supposedly one of the most difficult areas to get right on the interior is glass. With our expertise, we can ensure a streak free finish, every time.


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