Aftercare Maintenance Kit


The perfect kit for maintaining your ceramic coated or waxed car!

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Our maintenance kit comes with our ph neutral, pure shampoo, a wash mitt, Hyperion Quick Detailer and an edgeless Microfibre cloth.

Nebula, our Pure Shampoo was developed with maintaining Ceramic Coatings and our wax, Lunar in mind. With high lubrication and cleaning ability without affecting the longevity of any LSP. Pink in colour with a fruity scent, "it smells good enough to drink" - Please don't though.

Made from Plush Microfibre, Washy McMittface is designed to pick the dirt up and pull it into the core of the wash mitt which ensures a safe way to clean your car.

Hyperion is a gloss enhancing quick detailer with insane water repelling behaviour! Leaving that stunning shine, every time.


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