Lunar Automotive Paste Wax

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Lunar is a unique blend of synthetic waxes and resins which was developed during 2021 as a side project to the day to day running of the business. Based of one of our first test blends from back in January of 2021. We took this recipe and started adding resins and other waxes to try to create the ultimate wax.

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With insane water behaviour and a strong durability of 4-6 months, this is one of the strongest waxes we've tested, and we're sure you'll agree. This product is cost efficient, with 50ml you can wax 4+ small hatchbacks, and 200ml enough to do more than 15 medium size cars.

Lunar has been tested in real world scenarios to ensure you get real results. Some of the  different scenarios included “poor prep, monthly washing - near building site” “poor prep, monthly washing - country side” “clay bar, panel wipe, monthly wash - high mileage” “clay bar, panel wipe, monthly wash - low mileage” “Machine polish, panel wipe, weekly wash - low mileage” “Machine Polish, panel wipe, monthly wash - high mileage” And the durability is around 4-6 months from these before the lower end of the car starts to show signs of wear

Directions for use:
Clean the paintwork before application and panel wipe the surface to remove any excess oils.
Apply a thin layer of Lunar onto the paintwork one panel at a time and allow time to cure. Check curing using the finger swipe test.
Once cured, use a soft, short pile cloth to remove wax residue and follow up with a second plush buffing towel to bring out a deep shine.

Keep out of reach of Children and Animals
May cause skin irritation and serious eye damage.
IF ON SKIN: wash with plenty of water.
IF IN EYES: Rinse carefully, remove contact lenses if present and continue rinsing.
If irritation continues, seek medical advice.


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5 reviews for Lunar Automotive Paste Wax

  1. Nick john Jones

    Lunar is now my go to 6months wax for my detailing packages. With outstanding water behaviour and amazing gloss this wax is a must in your detailing setup.

  2. Chris (verified owner)

    I’ve bought this Lunar Automotive Paste Wax and after the results I will keep on using this.

    Highly recommended will not disappoint.

  3. Adam lewis (verified owner)

    Lunar…. I can recommend this product 100%. 👌🏻 absolutely grand to apply and remove, gives an amazing gloss shine and repels water really well.

  4. Daniele (verified owner)

    Prepped the car and used this wax, the beading was amazing and it gave a lovely gloss. Topped up a week later with a second coat and it’s been two months without even a maintenance wash but the beading when it rains is like most waxes I’ve used are after a day. It’s incredible!!
    Very highly recommend this gear.

  5. Tim (verified owner)

    Best wax by far, great beading and lasting well too, A+ guys !

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