Uroboros – Alloy Wheel Cleaner


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At Veis, we understand the frustration of dealing with stubborn brake dust on your wheels. Introducing Uroboros, our powerful alloy wheel cleaning concentrate designed to tackle hard-to-remove grime effortlessly. This non-acidic and non-caustic formula ensures a safe cleaning process for your wheels' delicate painted surfaces. Uroboros features a high concentration blend of mild alkaline additives, cleaners, and surfactants, working in harmony to dissolve and lift away road grime and brake dust efficiently.

Uroboros' non-caustic properties make it suitable for almost all wheel finishes, including bare aluminum at recommended dilution rates. Despite its non-caustic nature, Uroboros doesn't compromise on cleaning power, delivering results comparable to caustic wheel cleaners but with enhanced safety. Its high foaming properties aid in lifting stubborn residue, carrying away dirt and grime for easy removal with a simple rinse of water.

Versatile in application, Uroboros isn't just for heavily soiled wheels. Whether dealing with light soiling or maintaining wheels sealed with a wheel sealant, you can dilute it up to 20:1 with water. Ideal for professional detailers seeking top-notch performance at an affordable price or enthusiasts dedicated to keeping their vehicles pristine, Uroboros ensures a satisfying cleaning experience for your cherished wheels.


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